Toshiba 航空公司 住宅 Ductless Highwall Heat Pump System

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Toshiba 航空公司 住宅 Ductless Highwall Heat Pump System



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  • 类别价格: $$
  • 全球赌博靠谱十大网站系列: Ductless – Toshiba航空公司 住宅 Series
  • 冷却效率: 高达23 先见
  • 加热效率: 10.0 HSPF
  • 舒适的特点: 最好的
  • 效率: 高达23 先见 / 10.0 HSPF
  • 应用程序: 住宅
  • 目的: 加热和冷却
  • 类型: 单人房
  • 山: 高墙
  • 冷却预言家: 到23日
  • 加热HSPF: 10
  • 能源之星®合格: 选择大小 能源之星® 合格的



  • Number of indoor fan speeds: 5
  • 夏季除湿: 压缩机增强
  • 声音水平: 26个分贝
  • 声级范围: 47个分贝
  • 无线远程: 真正的
  • 压缩机类型: 变速变频
  • Proposition 65 Product Warnings: 343824-2 Lead and Lead Compounds

The ultra-quiet Toshiba 航空公司 highwall is our most efficient ductless system. It features a convenient wireless remote and great comfort options including 5 fan speeds and a turbo-mode for when you need to adjust the temperature quickly. It’s perfect for that new room space or a too-warm area like a sunroom because installation is minimally invasive and, 当然, 不需要管道系统.

You can even make a room that’s always too hot comfortable even in winter. The RAS system will allow you to cool even when outdoor temperatures get as low as 14°F. 这个通用的 热泵 also allows you to heat when it’s as cold as 5°F.


  • 到23日 先见 冷却效率
  • 10.0 HSPF 加热效率
  • 线长度可达66 '
  • 变速数字 逆变器压缩机
  • 5室内机风机转速
  • Motorized louver allows fixed or oscillating motion
  • Turbo mode setting for quick temperature adjustment
  • Specific temperature setting adjustments from 62-86°F
  • Auto restart after power failure
  • Indoor sound: as low as 26 分贝1
  • 除湿模式
  • 系统诊断
  • 5-year parts limited and 7-year 压缩机 limited warranties2



  • Wireless remote control standard
  • OneTouch My Comfort settings
  • 计时器,睡眠模式
  • Up to 24-hour start/stop timer

Quietest size within each model group during low fan-speed operation

致原物主, 5-year parts and 7-year 压缩机 limited warranties are available when product is used in an owner-occupied residence. For other applications a 1-year parts and 5-year 压缩机 limited warranties apply. See warranty certificate for details.


  • 到23日 先见
  • 13 无论何时
  • 10 HSPF
  • 选择大小 能源之星® 合格的



  • 5室内风机转速
  • Indoor sound: as low as 26 分贝1
  • Outdoor sound: as low as 47个分贝 2
  • 压缩机增强 summer dehumidification
  • Auto restart after power failure



  • Cooling mode Min-Max DB: 14-115°F
  • 加热 mode Min-Max WB: 5-75°F  



  • 66的



  • 变速数字 逆变器压缩机 技术
  • System protecting high pressure and loss of charge switches
  • Indoor coil freeze protection
  • High temperature protection in heating mode
  • Sound reduction: isolated 压缩机 with acoustic wrap
  • 诊断智能
  • Recommended control: wireless remote (included)



  • .75-2 



  • 208- 230v(室外机)
  • Indoor powered by outdoor unit



  • Heavy-gauge, pre-coated galvanized steel construction (outdoor unit)
  • Coated with a 100% coverage, baked-enamel finish in white (outdoor unit)
  • Modern, flat panel indoor unit in white COMPARE TO OTHER MODELS


Quietest size within each model group during low fan-speed operation.

Quietest size within each model group during most common cooling operating condition.